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ELECTRO DIAGNOSTIC TESTING– To evaluate nerve and muscle function using Electrodiagnostic technology.

VISUAL EVOKED POTENTIAL– To assist in the diagnosis of MS and Optic Neuritis

TRIGGER POINT INJECTIONS– Used to treat painful areas of muscle that contain trigger points, or knots of the muscle that form when muscles do not relax pain can be referred to other parts of the body, arms, legs, lower back, and neck. The injection contains a corticosteroid. Several sites may be injected in one visit and only takes a few moments.

*CONCUSSION BASELINE TESTING – Pre season and off season proactive concussion management measuring the cognitive (brain) function.

*CONCUSSION IMPACT TESTING- To evaluate the cognitive functioning of verbal and visual memory, attention span, reaction time and symptoms after a concussion.

**Dr. Zoltani is a Certified ImPact Consultant for brain concussions. ImPact testing is used for the management of brain injuries and sports related concussions. ImPact was founded in 2002 at the University of Pittsburgh. It is a computerized program that evaluates cognitive functioning including verbal and visual memory, attention span, reaction time and symptoms. This allows us to track the injury through the recovery process and design an optimal treatment plan. ImPact is used by many professional teams. The NFL, NHL and MLB including their umpires are all utilizing the ImPact program. Also, the Olympic Teams, U.S. Soccer Federation, NCAA, and over 1000 high schools have added ImPact testing to their programs. For more information (Read our Brochure About ImPact) you may also contact Dr. Zoltani.

Dr. Zoltani treats a variety of neurological conditions including the following:

•Alzheimer’s disease
•Brain concussion injuries
•Carpal tunnel syndrome
•Chronic pain conditions
•Movement disorders
•Multiple sclerosis (MS)
•Trigger Points
•Neck and low back problems
•Parkinson’s disease
•Sleep disorders


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